9 Creative Soho Apartment Filled With Unique Art

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This is a lavish Soho apartment stuffed with unique art and important styling in all corners of the home. It was made by interior designer Alex Eagle of The Alex Eagle Studio established in London.

The living-room exudes a relaxed setting with a sizable white couch place in the center. It holds two well decorated cushions, 1 pink in color and another white using a more compact jade green pillow sitting in-involving them. Additionally, there are other objects spread throughout the dining table, such as two designer kettles and a pair of hymn books by Jonny Cash positioned on one corner.

This room includes a big spacious window which attracts in adequate sunlight and aeration into the inside. Additionally, bordering the window onto the side is a jade wall that contrasts sharply with the inside’s white coloured motif. In the center of this wall there is a artistic simulation of a window, along with folks walking directly beneath the apartment block. This art is supposed to signify the hectic lifestyle of London, but minus the calmness and relaxation of the inside.

As for its floor, it sports a verdant white carpeting with red and blue winged markers spread throughout the surface.

image source : pinterest.com

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