30 Stupid Mini Van Camping Organization Ideas

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When you have a minivan, you can do many things into it since it gives you a spacious spot. You can create your camping minivan to have fun with your family. This minivan can serve you the camping ideas due to the space you have in it. All you have to prepare is the items you’ll place to support your camping activities.

You can start your minivan camping organization by using the multifunction table. To provide this table, you can make it by yourself.

If you have an unused kitchen cabinet, you can remake it to store all the items you need to go camping. Make sure that the remake kitchen set is fitted into the backside of the minivan.

You can create more drawers into the kitchen set to place the cutleries and the plates. Mix this kitchen set with the build-up table which you can open in an outdoor area. This modified kitchen-table set will allow you to bring a lot of ingredients to cook and have the meals after it.

The door of the baggage of the minivan can be the shades when you start to go camping. One of the shades of camping ideas could be from the linens. If you have a thin carpet, you can use it to be the extra shade of the camping spot. Tie the corner of the carpet using the rope and connect it to the tree.

Or, you can make your carpet shade with the sticks. You can use the two wooden sticks as the pillars of the shade when you use the carpet. Modify the carpet to be fitted to the pillar so that you can save some money not to buy the tent.

Another camping organization you can do is to bring the bedroom into your van. You can modify your minivan’s interior with a simple but cozy bedroom. Place the mattress inside the minivan completed with the rugs and fluffy pillows. Now, you are ready to go fun camping with your family.

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